Saturday, October 6, 2007


Defense and National Security NewsFrom Washington

By Bill Gertz

Joint Chiefs and 3ComU.S. defense and intelligence officials said both the chairman and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were not informed by intelligence officials about the impending merger deal involving 3Com and the Chinese company Huawei Technology that was announced last week.

Also, Lasers in Iraq? Target China

Paulson hands off merger review October 5, 2007

Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson will recuse himself from a government review of the merger between 3Com and a Chinese company because of his past relationship with an investment firm involved in the deal.

GOP urges probe in China firm deal

Several Republican members of Congress yesterday called for a Treasury Department probe into whether Pentagon computer networks will be compromised by the merger of a U.S. network-equipment maker and a Chinese firm with links to Beijing’s military.

Merger opens U.S. defense to China

A Chinese company with ties to Beijing’s military and past links to Saddam Hussein’s army in Iraq and the Taliban will gain access to U.S. defense-network technology under a proposed merger, Pentagon officials say.

FBI reaching out to jihadist-linked group

The FBI is cooperating with a U.S. Muslim group recently linked to global extremists and is asking the group to provide “cultural training” for its special agents, according to a Senate Judiciary Committee report.

FBI chief orders internal probe

Former Rep. Curt Weldon, Pennsylvania Republican, is said to suspect careerists and Democratic sympathizers in the Justice Department worked covertly with former Clinton administration officials to defeat him in the 2006 election.

Chinese dissident urges boycott of Olympics

A leading Chinese dissident called on Congress yesterday to lead an international boycott of the upcoming Beijing Olympics because of China’s human rights abuses and support for rogue regimes.

U.S. watches Syria, Israel after air strike

U.S. intelligence agencies have stepped up monitoring of Syria and Israel for signs of a new military confrontation after a recent Israeli air strike inside Syria, Bush administration officials said yesterday.

Algeria, China teamed on nuke

Newly declassified U.S. government documents confirm the U.S. government suspected China was helping Algeria build a secret facility in 1991 for developing nuclear weapons.

Al Qaeda still plots another U.S. attack

Al Qaeda terrorists continue to plan and train for a major attack against the United States, but so far, there are no signs that the group’s extremists have infiltrated into the country, senior U.S. security and intelligence officials told Congress yesterday.

Chinese donor sounds like ‘96

Questionable donations to Democratic officials and presidential candidates from a Chinese-American businessman highlight past concerns over Chinese political influence-buying operations.

Report: Iraqi stability growing

Growing Sunni opposition to al Qaeda and in some cases the perception that U.S. troops will leave the country are key factors behind recent and growing stability in Iraq, according to a major U.S. intelligence report based on findings from 16 agencies.

CIA failed to plot against al Qaeda

The CIA lacked a strategy to counter al Qaeda in the months leading up to the September 11 attacks and committed multiple analytical and operational failures that prevented the agency from stopping Osama bin Laden’s terror group, according to a once-secret CIA inspector general report released yesterday.

China won’t allow U.S. to check out fighter jet

China”s military recently turned down a request by the United States to see the new Chinese J-10 fighter but allowed visits to two operational fighter bases, the commander of Pacific Air Forces said yesterday.

FBI calls Chinese espionage ‘substantial’

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said yesterday that Chinese intelligence operations against the United States are a major problem and that the FBI is stepping up counterespionage efforts against them.

Al Qaeda seen in search of nukes

Al Qaeda terrorists are continuing to plan attacks against the United States and are seeking nuclear and other unconventional arms for the strikes, a senior Pentagon official told Congress yesterday.

Al Qaeda ‘evolving’ against U.S.

Al Qaeda terrorists are rebuilding their capabilities and continuing to plan mass-casualty attacks inside the United States, according to an intelligence assessment made public yesterday.

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