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A look at what Imam Rauf wants to add to Ground Zero - insult to injury!

Brutal & Inhumane Islamic Law (Sharia) is Totally Against Our Laws and our Constitution.

The Builder of the Ground Zero Mosque Wants to Apply Sharia Here!

The New York Times mentioned on August 22, 2010 that it is not just the Taliban who stone adulterers, but also Saudi Arabian, Iranian, Pakistani, Sudanese, Somalian and even Nigerian Muslims. Why? Because this simply is Islamic law, “Sharia”.

In front of me now is a book called The Ordained Penalties of the Sharia Law, published by the most prominent and influential Islamic University, Al-AZhar of Egypt. This book is distributed to all Mosques in the United States. It says on pages 9 and 25 that adultery should be punished by stoning to death. Mohammad himself stoned men and women by his own hands. The Taliban are not extremists, but rather are genuine in that they want to apply Islamic Law.

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam leading the effort to build the Ground Zero Mosque, wants to apply Islamic Law. What is this law all about? What is literally included in this book written by Al-AZhar? Indeed, Americans need to know some basics facts that top Islamic universities confess, including that Islam:

- Is not peaceful at all and rejects freedom of religious and human rights.
- Degrades and dehumanizes women, and discriminates and persecutes Jews and Christians.

Authorized Muslim scholars have openly confirmed that their “prophet” Mohammad taught the following:

1. He was ordered by God to fight all people until they say that he is His messenger. “If they say that I am not, I am allowed to shed their blood, seize their property, and capture their women.”
2. If any Muslim converts to become a Christian or a Jew, he should be killed. (Law of Apostasy).
3. If anyone steals even an egg, his hand should be cut off. (Law of Theft).
4. If anyone drinks any alcohol, he should be flogged with 40 lashes.
5. Only the blood of Muslims is made equal. Consequently, if any Muslim kills one of another faith he will be required only to pay money to the family, but not be killed. However, the penalty for killing another Muslim is death. (Burkari, Vol. 9)
6. “Hang the whip where your wives can see it.” (According to Al-Zomokhshori, in his popular book The Revealer, while explaining the Quran, Sura 4:34).
7. A wife is considered to be a slave to her husband (See AL Gazyia, Volume 5), and he said that all Muhammad’s friends including Omar, his successor, confirmed what Muhammad said.

Note: It is well-known that Mohammad not only owned slaves, but was a slave trader in the market of Mecca, especially after he became a “prophet” (according to Al Gawzyyia in his book Zad Al-Miad, page 160, part 1). He said also that he bought more than he sold, and he liked for all his friends to have Female slaves for sex.


Egypt – Al-AZhar University

In page 30 of the abovementioned book, the “prophet” Mohammad said that anyone who runs away from Islam should be killed, whether they adopted another faith or not. A woman called Um Marawan renounced Islam. Mohammad ordered that if she failed to repent, that she should be put to death. All of Mohammad’s successors continued this practice. It is well-known that the first successor killed thousands of Arabs who renounced Islam after Mohammad’s death. Junior High students in Islamic countries are taught about this War of Apostasy.

Saudi Arabia – Islamic University

In 1974 A.D. the Muslim professor Ibn baz wrote a book to threaten the former president of Tunisia, Borkeba, as an apostate (one who renounces Islam) because he said that the Quran is filled with a lot of contradictions and fictional stories. Borkeba also degraded Muhammad and prohibited polygamy.

Kuwait and The Qatar Islamic University

The Muslim scholar Dr. Ahmad of Qatar said boldly and literally in the book Individual Guarantee in Islamic Law that “We reject the United Nation’s Article 18 pertaining to Human Rights which states that anyone has the right to change his or her religion because Islam does not acknowledge this type of freedom.”

Also see the weekly Kuwaiti magazine Islamic Society, April 17, 1989 – Dr. Jabir, who confirmed this.

If you are looking for more references, search The Law of Apostasy Must Change, a book by Reverend Bassam Madany, and also an article in the New York Times, May 12, 2008, about President Obama, titled, “The Apostate President.” The article stated that according to Islamic Sharia Law, any Muslim country may not punish any individual who tries to kill President Obama because he (Obama) was raised as a Muslim.

No Compulsion in Religion – What Does This Verse Mean?

In his popular volume Al Muhalla, Ibn Hazm said in volume 8, part 2, that any Christian or Jew is free to be a Muslim or not. There is no compulsion. But if he becomes a Muslim, then he is not free anymore to renounce Islam, and if he does he should be killed. He also added on page 196, that Mohammad used to force the Pagan Arabs to embrace Islam or be killed. AL-Sharawy of Egypt said the same.

Another very popular Muslim scholar, Al Shafi in his book The Ordinance of Quran, part 2, page 50, stated that Mohammad used to capture and kill Jews and Christians until some of them were forced to be Muslims. He imposed large taxes and humiliation on the others.

Islam Is Not a Peaceful Religion

A very honest confession comes from one of the top contemporary Muslim scholars, Dr. Al-Buti, in his frequently printed book Jurisprudence of the Mohammad Biography. in the English edition, 1988, page 73, he says, “It is a wrong statement to say that Islam is a peaceful and loving religion.” I hope Obama, Bush, Bloomberg, Ron Paul, and Congressman Keith Ellison will learn this. In the same book he keeps repeating that jihad and the holy war in Islam are basically offensive, not defensive, to expand the religion because Mohammad said, “I was ordered by God to fight all people.” Actually that is what has happened throughout Islam’s history.

What About the Verses of Peace in the Quran?

In his very popular book Exactness – Itqan in Quaranic Science, part 3, pages 61 – 69, Imam Al-Suyiti himself said that the verses of peace in the Quran were issued first in Mecca when Muslims were few and weak, but when they became strong in Medina they were ordered to fight and all these earlier verses were abolished, “abrogated”, and replaced by the verses of the sword!

Islamic Law of Theft

In The Ordained Penalty of Sharia, page 5, the author said upon the first offense that the right hand should be amputated. Upon the second offense, the left foot should be amputated. All of this is according to the Quran, Sura 5:38.

That Mohammad used to hang the amputated hand on the thief’s neck and make him walk around the city is written in the book Zad Al Miad-Gawzyaa, volume 5, pages 52-56, Library Al Minara Al Islamyia.

About Beating the Wife

In his book You Ask and Islam Answers, page 94, the Muslim scholar Mushtahari commented on Sura 4:34 about beating the wife. He said that many wives are the sort of women who need punishment and beating to bring them back to their senses. Dr. Ahmad of Qatar Islamic University in his above-mentioned book Individual Guarantee also agrees with this statement. No wonder that Liberal Muslim women protest as does Taslima Nasrin in her popular novel, SHAME. Of course she escaped Bangladesh to avoid death.

About women in general, Mohammad said also that they have a deficiency in their mind and they are the cause of an evil omen and have crooked character, and most of the people that are going to hell are women. (Listed in the hadith of Bukhari, volume 7, and in the English translation as well.)

Tolerance Versus Intolerance

We should definitely have love and tolerance towards all peace-loving Muslims, but inhumane Islamic Sharia Law is very intolerant toward human rights and women. It is contrary to and violates our laws and our Constitution which provides respect for women and grants freedom of religion to us all. We have every right to be intolerant toward the religion of Islam while still being tolerant and loving towards Muslims.

Before building the Ground Zero Mosque or any other Mosque in our land, those who build it should be required to state that they renounce and will not permit or promote the establishment of any aspect of Sharia Law in the United States.

We must never, never, ever tolerate any aspect of Islamic political ideology that calls for the conquest of all nations and imposition of sharia and theocratic rule. These go far beyond a religion and must not be accorded the freedom we grant to religions.

Nor should we ever tolerate or even permit the advocacy of Islam’s so-called religious teachings or beliefs which run contrary to our established laws regarding such issues as polygamy, underage marriage, punishments, rights of inheritance, divorces, honor killings, family law, testimony of women in courts, rights of non-Muslims to testify in court, lying under oath, etc. Sura 4:11 in the Quran states that women can inherit only half that of a man. Sura 2:282 states that court testimony must include two men, or one man and two women; testimony that does not include a man is not allowed. Muslims who insist on following or advocating teachings or beliefs that are contrary to or violate our laws should be deported to a nation where they can live under sharia laws.

We must recognize that Muslims who are terrorists — or who support terrorism in any way — are not simply “radicals” as we are so often told; rather, they are simply being truly obedient Muslims who are following the example of Muhammad, obeying the doctrines of the Qur’an, and observing the tenets of Sharia developed from the Qur’an and the sunnah. These are not “moderate Muslims”. They are, without exception as we have seen, a threat to our freedoms, our way of life, and our Constitution.

If Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Congressman Ellison of Minnesota, or others who have stated they would like to see the United States governed by Islamic law want to live under Sharia, they should move to a Muslim country – even though they will surely lose some of the freedoms they enjoy here. If they have become citizens of the U.S., they agreed when they swore their Oath of Allegiance, “…I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”.

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