Friday, September 9, 2011


Alyssa Lappen, Big Peace
Sharia advocates desperately want to convince legislators and the public that Islamic law is plain vanilla --- and totally non-threatening to existing U.S. legal codes. Notwithstanding a nationwide Muslim Brotherhood-backed pro-sharia push, nothing could be further from the truth . . .


If sharia were advanced, progressive, wonderful, and "brilliant," its truth and beauty could withstand all criticism and questions. But sharia raises a major reg flag in banning free speech and inquiry. How it would play out in the U.S. is perhaps best examined by looks at Britain and Germany, where all sharia's ills stand fully exposed. One needs no PhD or LD to realize that officially accepting any part of a legal system so often demonstrably at odds with our own would, yes, prescribe genuine national disaster.

If anything, intense pressure from closet Muslim radicals for U.S. sanction of sharia should push every state that can to pass its own bill as quickly as possible.

XXX's sharia description is quite correct — not the “hate” or “lunacy” that Reza, Ali, Stilt and Fadel call it.

Sharia is indeed a “complete way of life” (social, cultural, military, religious, and political), governed from cradle to grave by Islamic law NOT theosophy… Shariah is, moreover, a doctrine that mandates the rule of Allah over all aspects of society.”

(Alan note: DOES THIS take Islam OUT of the protective confines of a "religion" that is being falsely demanded  of us!)


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