Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The New Totalitarians: Bosnia as the Mirror of America's Future: 2nd printing 2008, Jerry writes:

Synopsis: This book warns us that the escalating fragmentation of nations around the globe is the result of growing pluralism (simply put, communal diversity) within what used to be more homogeneous and conformist entities.

Pluralism is defined as "... referring to any federation, state, nation, unit, or community that is made up of diverse populations.

Diversity may be racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, sexual, or the result of any other of the myriad human characteristics or identities that might account for divisiveness."

Pluralism can lead to a crisis of identity. In America today, we have this pluralism in spades. Whether we realize it or not, we already have a crisis of identity. We are urged each day by the divisive Boomer power elites to 'celebrate our diversity.'

They have divided us along the lines of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, and class. Indeed, if it were not for the glue of a burgeoning economy, we would be seeing the rhetorical divisiveness turn to cold blooded civil war -- on a number of 'fronts.'

This book reveals how Bill Clinton and his 'New Totalitarians' have attempted to destroy America's trusted institutions, including the nation's military.

Unless this attempt is turned back, we will witness the collapse of our constitutional republic and with it our entire American civilization.

Find the 'real reason' why Bill Clinton committed ground troops to Bosnia. It had more to do with America than with Bosnia.

Learn of the 'eerie parallels' between the breakup of Yugoslavia and the breakdown of authority in the United States of America.

Who are those cultural elites, 'The New Totalitarians,' who would lead us to a chaotic disintegration. What are their tools?

Affirmative action programs gone awry are one cause of a complete breakdown of trust. Many other forces are at work here to undermine that which has been passed down to us by our Founding Fathers. Read about these forces in this important book.

Since publishing that book, we have seen the irresponsible use of our nation’s military to invade both Bosnia and Kosovo for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with our national security.

All in the name of ‘humanitarianism’ to eliminate the chimera of ‘ethnic cleansing.’ The civil strife between the Croat Catholics, Bosnian Muslims, and Serbian Orthodox Christians held absolutely no potential to harm America either economically or strategically.

The undertaking was motivated by idealistic Boomer generation counter-culture revolutionaries who used our military more for domestic political objectives than any real threat to our national security.

And in so doing, America turned its back on a World War II ally, the Serbian people, who were responsible for saving American airmen from the Nazis even at the risk of extermination by them. Whole villages were pillaged and the people slaughtered who harbored our airmen.

And we betrayed the progeny of those brave Serbs by bombing Kosovo ‘back to the stone age.’

We used our air power – to support the Muslim KLA ground troops -- to drive the Serbs out of Kosovo. Yes, to ravish a former ally. And now it is the Serbs in Kosovo who are being ‘ethnically cleansed.’

And now, both Bosnia and Kosovo are fertile recruiting and training grounds for Islamic terrorists of global reach. Kosovo is now about to become the first Salafist Islamic jihad state in the underbelly of Europe – the long-term strategic goal of al-Qaeda, that is to return to the power and glory of the ancient Muslim caliphate – with the support and sanction of misguided U.S. foreign policy."

Although Jerry Atkinson, the author of The New Totalitarians: Bosnia as a Mirror of America's Future, and I lived near each other in Virginia/Maryland, we first met at the Lord Byron Foundation conference in Chicago in 1997. The title of the conference was "America's Intervention in the Balkans."

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