Tuesday, March 4, 2008



by Ibn Misr

Geert Wilders Movie will be another blow, and the cheerful news is, more and more Dutch people are backing him.

A very remarkable, and political turning point statement, by the German Interior Minister and the Danish Prime Minister tells Muslims what could be interpreted:

Your intimidation, and your Koran commandments to subdue us and return us to your seventh century camel, goats, and sand's civilization, won't work.

Our populations are fed up with your extortions and your unending demand to make you privileged, according to your sick and empty supremacist hallucinations. The game is over.

Adapt, or else .... Call on all Germen and Danish people, to show their support to their officials by all means, to encourage them and let them know that "we"the people are behind them 100%.

Remember, only when they feel shame, they'll start rethinking the death cult they adhere to, and that would be the real success of our war on terror, when we help them use their brains, and realize that Mohammad put them in shame, not us.

We just show them what they have in their Islam. We only copy and paste. I would love to see Arab and Muslim countries boycotting: Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, England, Spain, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Australia, the USA, Canada, and all the kafirs, unclean, sons of apes and pigs countries , and watch them go back to raising camels and goats, and using their prophet medicine, and start to see the most shrinking religion in the world.

Remember, we always treated them, better than their Muslim brothers, that's why they came to the West. But they came with the Islam disease, not to benefit of a good life for them and their children, but to return us to the misery from where they came.

They came to emulate the deeds of what their bandit, caravan robber Mohammad, that they call the "most honorable of all prophet", who commanded them to do (in the Koran):

extortion, abduction of our women (including by deceiving them to marriage - this is a fatwa ), siphoning our social services and welfare, terrorizing us to subdue us, turn us to 2nd class citizens in our own countries, as they did it before in all the country they attacked and dominated, muzzle us, which amount to turn us to their Zombies, and dominate us with their gangsters practices embedded in their teaching.


The German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble called Wednesday on "all European newspapers" to follow Denmark's example and publish the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cartoons in defense of freedom of the press.

Speaking to weekly magazine Die Zeit in German, Schauble said: "Actually, all European newspapers should now print these caricatures, with the explanation:

We also find them lousy, but the use of press freedom is no reason to practice violence."In mid-February, 17 Danish newspapers reprinted a caricature of Prophet Muhammed in retaliation for a foiled plot by extremists to murder the cartoonist, the newspapers stood in solidarity under the banner of freedom of expression.

The German minister said he supported the decision of the Danish press.

"I have respect for the fact that Danish newspapers have now all printed the Muhammad caricatures, on the basis: we will not let ourselves be divided," Schaeuble was quoted as saying by Die Zeit.

The cartoons were originally published in 2006, with one depicting the Prophet wearing a turban with a lit bomb fuse. They caused uproar among Muslims around the world, who saw the cartoons as offensive and derogatory to the Prophet.

Since the republication, Sudan has called for a boycott of Danish goods, Jordanian media have protested, thousands of Bahrainis have demonstrated, and other protests have been held in Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia and Gaza.

Danish PM defends newspapersMeanwhile, Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen defended the 17 Danish newspapers, insisting their aim was not to offend Muslims.

"It's important to explain that the media did not publish these drawings to hurt people's religious feelings, but because in a democratic regime with a free press, it's normal to be able to illustrate your story," Rasmussen told reporters.

Rasmussen said the current situation was "uncertain" following the protests, noting there were reports "that religious extremist circles were trying to exploit it" and that it was "difficult to predict" how the protests would evolve.

He added that Denmark had "learned from experience" from the 2006 crisis.

The government had set up "a very developed system to keep abreast of what is going on" to enable it to be "very proactive with governments in Muslim countries."

This graphic has been offensive to some Islamists but so has the video below it. Did that stop Islamists from their killing rampages? No. So why would they expect special treatment from those they attack and threaten to kill?


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