Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Italy, the worlds leader in the fight against Islam attempts to take it up a notch and put a ban on Mosque construction. If this passes look for a call to end all Mosque construction to spread across Europe.

As the Swedes have already looked to put an end to the Islamic calls to prayers being broadcast in their country. Muslims across the world use our freedoms against us in order to impose Islam on us.

To fight back we are going to have to bend our constitutions and treat Islam unlike other religions, as it is a political movement as well as a religion. Either that or Muslims will eventually dominate us. Take your pick.

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Giacomo said...

Good Afternoon from Italy. In Italy there's a strong resistence to build Mosques in major cities as Milan and Bologna. But there's also a different opinion because an underground and unofficial mosque could be even more dengerous.