Sunday, August 24, 2008


By John A. Ross (08/22/08)

Many Americans would like to support a qualified African-American for president. The soon to be Democrat Party candidate for the office of the President of The United States, Barack H. Obama, needs, however, to be more forthcoming in answering fundamental questions.

Rather than eek out responses to questions that is and has been voting issues for most Americans like abortion, taxes, national security, international treaties and the United Nations-be candid. Forced to muddle through shifting platform positions on these and other issues is concerning and suggests that, predicated upon perceived public opinion, your position routinely changes.

It has become abundantly clear that your oratorical skills are exemplary, however, the citizens of America that will vote on November 4, 2008, for a president and not a college debate team leader.

A political moderate may be the ideal vice presidential running mate, to offset your recognized penchant to always lean and vote for controversial socialist issues.

Perplexing to most political moderates is your ill-defined ‘change’ mantra.

Are you, for example, advocating changing everything about America, or just our borders, culture and language?

Important policy statements you have made and carried by the mainstream media and press suggest, or infer, that illegal aliens are welcome, our cultural norms must be debated and all Americans need to learn Spanish.

In all fairness to you and the American people, what, conceptually, do you have in mind?

Your ‘change train’ has left large numbers of “show me” Americans at the train station and they all are not from Missouri.

By taking, heretofore, an insolent intellectually elitist approach to national security, you have scared many Americans. Raised by parents and grandparents that militarily or in some capacity participated in WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq, most Americans are more cautious.

Intimately familiar with the “fog of war,” the loss of loved ones, and the ever- present “negotiations” that communists resort to when they cannot win on the battlefield Americans are mystified by your cavalier approach.

Having never been introduced to the tools and psychology of warfare must be considered a blessing; however, unlike you most Americans do not have a Harvard education nor do they call themselves a “citizen of the world.”

They are just ‘Americans.’Senator Obama, what motivates you to hand $845 billion-dollars to the corrupt United Nations? Your Senate bill S.2433 will make Saddam Hussein’s ‘Oil for Food’ United Nations scandal look like a church bingo game.

Are you repaying Saddem Hussein’s Nadhmi Auchi for his financial support?

Senator Obama, that money needs to stay in America to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and build a high-speed rail system.

Also, what the hell is the Civilian National Security Force that will duplicate our Department of Defense and Social Investment Fund Network that appears to be a payback to America haters Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and MoveOn.Org’s George Soros?

The long and the short of it Senator Obama America needs answers to the aforementioned questions.

John Ross

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