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April 14, 2009
He Wears Skins; We Wear Veldskoens, Special to AR News; 3 comments Why Jacob Zuma is befriending Afrikaners.
Bloomington Teen Charged in Alleged Hate Crime Attacks, Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois); 8 comments “This is our neighborhood, white boy.”
Investigators Take Closer Look at Rep. Jackson in Blagojevich Case, New York Times; 2 comments Congressman too busy helping constituents to answer press questions.
Lawmakers Approve Illegal Immigrant License Ban, AP; 1 comments Maryland gives illegals six more years to drive back home legally.
University Community Reacts to Diversity Statistics From Committee, Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia); 7 comments UVA blacks accused of cheating more often but also acquitted more often.
Mexico Slams Burger King for ‘Whopper’ of Insult, AP; 2 comments They have no qualms about insulting us.
Third World Child Trafficking Increases Along with Immigration, BNP News; 1 comments Africa and the Far East still exporting slaves.
Lost Aboriginal Language Revived, BBC News; 2 comments Aboriginal student says it is “good for the black fellas.”
Supermarket Under Fire for English Only Rule, ONE News (Wellington); 1 comments Supermarket backs down, says notice was a mistake.
Singer With Most Popular German Band Faces Jail for ‘Infecting Man With HIV’, Times of London; 3 comments Did not bother to tell her paramours she was carrying deadly disease.
Religious Rift Tears at Orissa Communities, BBC News; 1 comments India’s Hindus and Christians don’t appreciate diversity . . .
Democratic Future Fades for Fiji, BBC News; 1 comments . . . neither do Fijians.
April 13, 2009
Video of an Attack on a White Man Infuriates the French, Special to AR News; 99 comments Mealy-mouthed victim only makes things worse.
Will a ‘Red’ Help Blacks Go Green?, WorldNetDaily; 15 comments White House appoints “radical communist” who sees environment as racial issue
Black Voters Waver on Support for Paterson, New York Times; 9 comments New York’s black governor too fiscally responsible for black voters.
Immigrant Blacks Are Overrepresented in Certain Colleges, Studies Say, Daily Pennsylvanian (Philadelphia); 11 comments Higher percentage of immigrant blacks attend college than whites.
State Democrats Despoil Democracy, Boston Herald; 8 comments State representative wants Massachusetts to let illegals vote.
Judge Blocks New Rules for Licenses, IDs in Texas, AP; 5 comments Texas department denied IDs and licenses to people with visas for less than a year.
Mpls. Pays Settlement to Black Officers in Bias Suit, Minneapolis Star Tribune; 9 comments $740,000 to blacks claiming racial discrimination and “hostile working environment.”
Thomas Frazier, Father of 14 Children, Jailed for Owing More Than Half-Million in Child Support, Flint (Michigan) Journal; 19 comments Man believes only three of the children are his.
Obama Brother Accused of UK Sex Assault, News of the World (London); 13 comments Samson Obama also uses a false ID.
14,000-Year-Old Hunting Kit Found in Scotland, MSNBC; 4 comments Pushes earliest occupation of Scotland back 3,000 years.
BNP ‘Threat’ to Labour in Europe, BBC News; 16 comments Labor deputy leader: BNP leaders wear suits, but they are as dangerous as ever.
April 10, 2009
Barack Obama in His Own Words (Part III of III), Special to AR News; 28 comments What is the character of the man Americans have elected President?
Illegal Obama Vote Cast as Wife’s Last Wish, AP; 7 comments Jacqueline Wroblewski voted for Obama in November even though she died in August.
Justices to Hear White Firefighters’ Bias Claims, New York Times; 12 comments Very significant case to be argued April 22.
SC College Sued for Discriminating against Whites, AP; 15 comments EEOC says black college “engaged in unlawful practices” against 3 white profs.
Diversifying Middle America, Inside Higher Ed; 30 comments Wyoming community college president desperately seeking non-whites.
‘More Work to Do’: Police Force is Still Struggling to Attract Women, Minorities, Winston-Salem Journal; 14 comments Winston-Salem police department desperately seeking non-whites.
Refusal to Accept Reality is Killing Detroit, Detroit Free Press; 38 comments Columnist: Detroit’s leaders still think it is 1950.
Lawmaker Defends Comment on Asians, Houston Chronicle; 10 comments Suggests Asians adopt names that are “easier for Americans to deal with.”
Father Accused of Selling Daughter Takes Deal, KSBW-TV (Monterey, Calif.); 9 comments Illegal who bartered his 14-year-old for cash and beer to be deported after brief jail sentence.
Water Cut Off in Mexican Capital, BBC News; 3 comments More than half the water in main pipeline leaks out before it gets to customers.
Moors Want Spain to Apologize after 400 Years, Times (London); 52 comments 1609 expulsion of Moriscos was Europe’s first “ethnic cleansing.”
When the River Ran Red, AR Classic Article; 11 comments A great Boer victory that was later undone.
April 9, 2009
Obama to Push Immigration Bill As One Priority, New York Times; 27 comments President to make good on pledge to Hispanic voters.
Did Integration Negatively Affect Discipline for Black Kids?, Digital Journal; 39 comments Because of integration, blacks adopted modern white ideas of child-rearing.
Extremist Web Sites Are Using U.S. Hosts, Washington Post; 16 comments Freedom of speech or incitement to hatred?
Illegal Immigrant Voting a Reality in Some States, MetroWest Daily News (Framingham, Massachusetts); 3 comments It’s not only a reality, but legal.
NY Judge Rules in Favor of 1970s Apartheid Victims, AP; 11 comments Apartheid “victims” to go to trial with their claims against US corporations.
Shopping While Black, Austin American-Statesman; 78 comments There must be laws against “discrimination” in retail stores.
FBI Raids in Minn. Aimed at Africa Money Transfers, AP; 11 comments Somalis remit at least half a million dollars per month to their homeland.
Great Hair Style or Exercise? Solving the Dilemma, WFLD-TV (Chicago); 7 comments Black women suffer health problems because they spend so much time on their hair.
BMI Not an Accurate Obesity Measurement, RedOrbit; 9 comments Current standard doesn’t take into account differences in sex or race.
Sharia Infiltrates German Courts, Schools, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Family Security Matters; 9 comments Muslims must “feel at home” in other people’s countries.
April 8, 2009
Did John Hope Franklin Want $100 Trillion for Blacks?, Huffington Post; 65 comments Franklin: Apologies are not enough. Give us more cash.
Out-of-Wedlock Births Hit Record High, CNN; 24 comments 72 percent of blacks born in 2007 were illegitimate.
New Admission Policy Prompts Diversity Debate, Daily Nexus (UC Santa Barbara); 23 comments New University of California policy admits more whites, fewer Asians.
Boston Students Struggle With English-Only Rule, Boston Globe; 17 comments High-school students who are having trouble learning English just drop out.
‘Tuition Equity’ Bill Fails in Senate, Denver Post; 3 comments Even some Colorado Democrats vote against in-state tuition for illegals.
CBC Members Praise Castro, Politico; 12 comments Fidel just wants to help.
Ethics Board Launches Probe Into Rep Jesse Jackson Jr., Chicago Sun Times; 2 comments Congressman, his brother, and Indian immigrants implicated in Blagojevich scandal.
Mychal Bell’s Mom Arrested, KALB-TV (Alexandria, Louisiana); 8 comments Jena 6 mom is behind in child-support payments.
HIV-Positive Man Killed With Hatred, Toronto Star; 18 comments Ugandan-born HIV-killer liked his victims white.
One in Six Rapes Committed by Foreign Attackers, Shock Police Figures Reveal, Daily Mail (London); 7 comments Illigal immigrants are especially hard to catch.
Rare Megamouth Shark Caught, Eaten in Philippines, AP; 14 comments What would Nantucket fishermen have done?
April 7, 2009
Graduate School Admissions, Race, and the White Status Game, VDARE; 21 comments Who gets the highest scores? No surprises.
Racial Split Threatens State Democrats, Greenwood Commonwealth (Greenwood, Mississippi); 18 comments Black party leaders try to kick out whites.
Estados Unidos? Almost 1 of 2 New Americans in 2008 Was Latino, AP; 12 comments Half a million Hispanics naturalized in 2008.
Crackdown on Illegals Produces Crime Decline, WorldNetDaily; 2 comments Illegals come in, crime goes up; illegals leave, it goes down.
On Idyllic Gwynn’s Island, Echoes of a Racial Divide, Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk); 35 comments Single black mom moves to place she’s not wanted; leaves and files lawsuit.
Stolen Cessna’s Pilot Captured, ABC News; 12 comments Turkish immigrant pursued by F-16 fighter jets.
Reading Between the Lines of a Player’s Mangled English, News & Record (Burlington, North Carolina); 16 comments Black basketball players graduate at less than half the white rate.
Obesity Rates Differ Among Racial/Ethnic Groups in Kids As Young As Four, Eureka Alerts; 9 comments Study author wants “obesity prevention programs” for pre-schoolers.
Roswell Hispanics Claim Police Racial Profiling, AP; 3 comments LULAC wants the feds to get involved.
Mexico Has Money Ready for Expatriate Investment, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson); 1 comments Mexican government giving money to ex-pats who start businesses in Mexico.
April 6, 2009
Surviving Jena Six: The Dreams of Mychal Bell, Global Grind; 50 comments Jena 6 thug now takes inspiration from “Dr. King.”
Supreme Court Lets Philly Officer Killer’s Conviction Stand, AP; 22 comments “Free Mumia” movement hits a pothole.
Blacks at Odds Over Scrutiny of President, Washington Post; 14 comments “Obama’s your president, not your homie.”
Per Capita Federal Welfare Expenditures by State, Audacious Epigone; 8 comments Some populations are more expensive than others.
Research Shows White Players Lacking on Recent Final Four Basketball Teams, Orlando Sentinel; 19 comments Only two whites out of 20 starters in final four.
How Banks Were Bullied Into Making Bad Loans, WorldNetDaily; 14 comments “Banking terrorists” bragged about their strong-arm tactics.
Uighurs Ask Supreme Court for Their Freedom, AP; 16 comments Chinese Muslims want a new homeland—yours.
Why It’s Harder for African Americans to Stop Smoking, Examiner; 10 comments Menthol cigarettes said to be harder to shake.
‘Chia Obama’ Booted From Local Stores, WTVT-TV (Tampa Bay); 6 comments We think he looks good with green hair.
Asian Men in Burkhas Rob Jewellers, Herald (Glasgow); 9 comments Men pulled same caper in Germany and England.
Paris Liberation Made ‘Whites Only’, BBC News; 19 comments France has not been grateful to the Senegalese who fought for it in World War 2.
April 3, 2009
Barack Obama in His Own Words (Part II of III), Special to AR News; 44 comments What is the character of the man Americans have elected President?
One Oath Leads to Another, New York Times; 37 comments US military now recruiting temporary residents.
10 Silverado Students Arrested Following Fight, Daily Press (Victorville, California); 15 comments California high school fails to find strength in diversity.
It’s Back: Immigration Heats Up, Yahoo! News; 13 comments Obama will have a hard time getting immigration reform passed this year.
BP Explorers Collect Trash Left by Illegal Immigrants in the Huachucas, Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald; 5 comments Aspiring agents discover border enforcement is a messy business.
UNC Students Stand Up for University Access for Illegals, News & Observer (Raleigh); 21 comments Allowing illegals to attend taxpayer-supported colleges “just basic human rights.”
NYC’s ‘Obama Fried Chicken’ Restaurants Ruffle Feathers, Sarah R. Kaufman, Benjamin Peim, and Carrie Melago, New York Daily News, April 3, 2009; 17 comments Business is brisk at Harlem eatery.
Now Fire Service Introduces Hijab Headscarves for Muslim Workers, Daily Mail (London); 17 comments British fire service accommodating the special needs of ethnic fire fighters.
Polish Migrant Workers Leave Britain in Droves, Voice of America News; 23 comments Britain attractive to foreigners only when the economy is doing well.
Church Leader Sparks Georgian Baby Boom, BBC News; 7 comments Nation’s birth rate up 20 percent in 2008.
What Can I Do?, AR Classic Article; 19 comments Advice for activists.
April 2, 2009
Citing Census, Hispanics Urge Immigration Reform, AP; 25 comments Hispanic group: “We are the future of the United States.”
La.’s Black-Majority Seat Could Become Less Black, Louisiana Weekly; 2 comments Depopulation following Katrina means less political clout for New Orleans.
The Rev. Al Sharpton Is the New Sheriff Politics Needs, New York Daily News; 9 comments Sharpton “a national powerbroker with A-list access to the Oval Office.”
DoD Grants $17.4 Million To Minority Academic Institutions, U.S. Department of Defense; 15 comments Programs at black colleges “critical” to national security.
Osceola County Moves to Diversify Its Business Partners, Orlando Sentinel; 2 comments Hispanic county commissioner wants county to get federal “diversity” money.
McCain Seeks Pardon for First Black Champ, AP; 24 comments Erasing an “act of racism” by pardoning Mann Act violator Jack Johnson.
Bias Suits Settled With Gold’n Plump, Job Agency, , March 31, 2009; 8 comments Muslim workers receive $1.35 million for “religious discrimination.”
Dunkin’ Franchise Ends Over Refusal to Sell Pork, AP; 15 comments Unanimous jury rules that Dunkin’ Donuts was not guilty of discrimination.
Mexican Asylum Seekers on Rise in Vancouver, Vancouver Sun; 11 comments Record numbers of Mexican nationals are fleeing to Canada to escape drug cartels.
Racism Revealed in Swedish Anti-Immigrant Party, No Apology, SR International-Radio Sweden (Stockholm); 11 comments News agency seeks to thwart Sweden’s anti-immigrant party.
Most Migrants in Vienna Schools, Wiener Zeitung; 10 comments Foreigners make up 50 percent of the student body in half of Vienna’s schools.
April 1, 2009
Yamato Workers Freed As Immigration Probe Continues Into Bellingham Company, Bellingham (Washington) Herald; 6 comments Obama administration gives them work permits, too.
Article Has Cop Dissing Blacks, Philadelphia Daily News; 77 comments White cop’s unguarded comments likely to cost him his job.
Obama’s Aunt Can Stay in U.S. Another Year, Boston Herald; 14 comments Federal judge reschedules case of immigration scofflaw “Auntie Zeituni.”
Queen Latifah Wants Stronger Parts, AP; 42 comments Complains that the paparazzi ignore black actresses.
Illegal Immigrant Tuition Passes Hurdle in Colo., AP; 3 comments More promises that accommodating illegals will not cost anything.
Dallas ISD, Area Firms Sought Hundreds of Worker Visas Amid Job Losses, Dallas Morning News; 3 comments Dallas school district lays off 1,000; makes 380 requests for H-1B visas.
Surveillance Towers Planned for Detroit, Buffalo, AP; 22 comments Further securing the northern border.
U.S. Supreme Court Reverses State Court on Ceded Lands, Honolulu Advertiser; 1 comments US government apology for annexing Hawaii didn’t mean much, legally.
Norway Anti-Immigration Opposition Party Wins Support, Bloomberg; 19 comments In small European countries, issues of identity are more important than the economy.
Madonna’s African Adoptions Part of Growing Trend, AP; 47 comments More Americans adopting children from Africa.
South Africa’s Hi-Tech Healer, BBC News; 3 comments Bringing spiritualism into the 21st century.

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