Thursday, April 2, 2009


April 2, 2009

Here is a look at today's Tracks & Trends of the Conservative Blogosphere.

With the G20 summit drawing to a close, bloggers will soon be refocusing their attention to the issues at home. But for now, a Quick Click on the blogs themselves (by mousing over the percentages and clicking) will reveal that the under-the-radar, grassroots blogosphere is not giving Obama the high marks he is getting from many in the mainstream media (and, of course, his own party).

Top Issues
1. Europe

2. Education

3. Financial Crisis

4. Oil

5. Technology

6. Pending Legislation

7. Health Care

8. "Man Made" Global Warming"

9. Tea Parties

10. Wall Street

Issue Trends
1. Pending Legislation
+ 118.47 %
2. Congress and Budget
+ 86.67 %
3. Treasury
+ 66.67 %
4. Navy
+ 62.69 %
5. Inflation/Federal Reserve
+ 56.41 %
6. Health Care
+ 51.23 %
7. Technology
+ 44.13 %
8. Europe
+ 40.78 %
9. Education
+ 36.82 %
10. Oil
+ 32.39 %

Top People
1. Tim Geithner

2. Sarah Palin

3. Rick Wagoner

4. John McCain

5. Chris Dodd

6. Michael Steele

7. Joe Biden

8. Ben Bernanke

9. Jake DeSantis

People Trends
1. Chris Dodd
+ 57.14 %
2. Tim Geithner
+ 39.33 %
3. Sarah Palin
+ 3.62 %
4. John McCain
- 6.41 %
5. Rick Wagoner
- 42.81 %

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Bitely's Bits:-Cap & Trade is making some real noise, especially considering that Congress is hearing about this now -- and there is reason to believe that the blogosphere's overwhelming opposition impacted the 26 Dems who voted against C&T in the Senate yesterday. This issue has fluctuated in and out of the blogosphere since last summer.

Once some definitive action is taken one way or another on this policy, this issue will likely disappear from the T & T radar.-Tea Parties are swinging back into the blogosphere mainstream again (let's just shorthand it as the "blogostream" form now on).

With the main thrust of the tea party movement coming on April 15, this will be one of the hottest topics to follow.-Ben Bernanke seems to be dropping back over recent days.

With Obama making news abroad, Bernanke has been able to escape scrutiny. He'll be back soon as the economic crisis is retakes center stage from the G-20 Big Top.-The former CEO of GM, Rick Wagoner, seems to be disappearing from the blogosphere as the news of his firing is losing steam. This is probably the last we will hear of him -- unless Congress decides to punch tax holes in his multi-million-dollar Golden Parachute.

Adam R. Bitely

Director of New Media
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