Sunday, January 18, 2009


These are the stories of the enlightened people, leaving the religion of hate and joining the rest of mankind in amity.

Questions Never Answered Amarkhan: 2008/03/02
Strange feeling fool_i_was 2008.02.22
Another Apostate Speaks Up
Journey Through Islam Abdul Quddus 2007/03/16 (read this)
DeeAnna 2007/02/07
I was not turned into Stone: Esfahani 2006/09/29
Testimony from Bewildered 2006/05/17
Mehmood from India 2006/04/29
My sweet Grandmother and the concept of “Najass” Keyvan Shirazi 2006/04/27
Why I Left Islam By I. Raza 2006/04/05
My Near-Conversion to Islam, by Umma-Allergic 2006/04/03
Unenlightened 2006/04/03
Ex-Muslim preaches ‘dangers’ of Islam Daniel Shyesteh 2006/04/02
The awakening of Saira 2006/03/31
My Journey to Freedom Meher Ali Khan 2006/02/25
Diane's testimony of Leaving Islam 2006/02/14
A True Story on the Lives of Saudi Women Khaled 2006/01/30
My Testimony by Khaled 2006/01/13
My journey to enlightenment Asad 2005/12/31
My Journey to Freedom M.A. 2005/11/14
2 million ethnic Muslims adopted baptism in Russia 2005/11/02
Musings of a Murtad Isaac Schrödinger 2005/11/02
My Apostasy Mullah Rock n Roll 2005/10.30
Jessica's Testimony Jessica 2005/10/28
This Is What Made Me a Freethinker Imran Hossain 2005/10/11
Lonely Apostate Tanjung 2005/09/11
I Found My Freedom Hamid 2005/09/15
You Opened My Eyes Qadir Sheikh 2005/09/05
My awakening Andrea 2005/07/16
Confessions of a Former Islamist Ahmed Shalakamy 2005/05/21
A Truth Seeker who Found the Truth 2005/05/10
Why I don't Emulate Islam's Prophet Anymore Divyan 2005/05/03
Islam Was My Nightmare Jutta 2005/04/26
An Untold Love Story Yagmur Dursun 2005/03/13
Sabrina's Story 2005/03/10
A Sudanese Apostate 2005/03/03
My Apostasy Aisha R.A. 2005/03/01
Young Apostate Mehdi M. 2005/02/27
Free At Last Apostate Success 2005/02/26
I think I left Islam Latifa R. 2005/02/23
My Boyfriend Left Islam Hanna 2005/02/22
A Jobless Apostate Hamidah 2005/02/18
Almost An Apostate The Agnostic 2005/02/16
I Used to Hate African Dan 2005/02/03
Latifa's story 2005/01/23
Apostate Munira 2004/01/10
I am a Saudi ex-Muslim Sahid 2005/01/08
Why I Became an Apostate Rasheeda 2004/01/07
Feeling the Birth Throe Windfall 2005/01/01
I Left Islam Too Syed Ebrahim 2004/12/27
I am an Apostate Too Fatik 2004/12/24
Awakening at Last M.L. 200/12/23
Comment from an old apostate 2004/12/22
New Apostate Ilhan 2004/12/22
From a Dutch Moroccan Apostate A.H.K. 2004/12/20
The Story of Cynthia 2004/12/10
I decided to LEAVE ISLAM K. K. 2004/12/09
Fatima's Story 2004/12/06
Why I chose a normal life Alkaliel 2004/11/19
Good-bye to Islam! by Never a Dhimmi 2004/10/22
K.A.S. 2004/09/03
AsAsif Raza 2004/01/31
Ahboo 2003/12/04
Rebecca 2003/11/03
Zaa Brifd 2003/10/27
Former Muslim 2003/09/15
Saeed 2003/09/07
Soy Yo 2003/08/02
Ampbreia 2003/08/04
Jahed Ahmed 2003/06/16
Ben Rukhsana 2003/05/17
Ismahan Levi 2003/03/17
Abu Lahab 2003/01/16
Ex-Malaysian Muslim 2003/01/06
Aisha S 2003/01/06
Simplejoe 2002/10/31
Ismael 2002/10/31
Parvin Darabi 200209/12
Fariel 2002/08/23
American Ex Muslim 2002/08/04
Got rid of Islam 2002/07/02
Mahavira 2002/06/02
Z Ali 2002/05/30
Shafi H. 2002/05/27
Saeed 2002/05/01
Kim Jay
B. Pirouz
Shabnam Nadiya
Free Man
Viking Kafira
Ahmad K.
Ali Z,
Abul Kasem

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